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We have beautiful GREEN estate lots available in New Boston, New Hampshire, a New England village that retains its small-town character. These wooded parcels vary in size from 2+ to 12+ acres. Manchester, New Hampshire and its airport (Manchester-Boston Regional) are a short drive away, and Boston is just over an hour’s drive.

If you are interested in Clark Hill Woods as a place to build your dream home and/or if you’d like to learn what some of the options and technologies are when building a sustainable (green) home, please take a tour of our website. Also check out Build Green NH®.

We would be delighted if you’d take our survey after looking around the site, reading some of our posts and checking out some of our links. The survey should only take a few minutes and you can do so anonymously if you wish. Thanks!


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Clark Hill Woods Photos

Gallery of Clark Hill Woods Photos (Click on each photo for larger image).

Below are descriptions of additional lots.

Lot 6

“Close and Easy” front lot along Clark Hill Road. Large cleared area already in place for home or parking. Pretty stone wall bound on the West side of this lot. Lot 6 is 3.06 acres.

Lot 7

“Close and Quiet Lot”. Driveway takes you to the back of this front lot with a buffer and vernal pool protecting the housesite. Nice view of small area of wetland on Lot 8 from the homesite. This front lot is 2.67 acres.

Lot 11

“Pines and Paddocks Lot”. Multiple internal walls and paddocks. Towering pines throughout lot. Abuts conservation land to the West. Home is secluded from Clark Hill Road, but close. This front lot is 2.90 acres.

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Skofield Conservation Area

The 30 acres comprising the Skofield Conservation Area were donated to the Town of New Boston from the Skofield family estate.

This beautiful conservation area has an entrance on Clark Hill Road adjacent to Lot 1 at the eastern edge of the Clark Hill Woods property. There is also an entrance on Briar Hill Road with a small parking lot.

The property is maintained to provide habitat for wildlife and to preserve open space. Through volunteer effort, a trail was built through the area. This area consists of gently rolling slopes. Wooded and open areas provide opportunities for all seasonal activity including snowshoeing, x-country skiing, hiking, and skating.

Click on the illustration below to see a larger version.

Skofield Conservation Area

Skofield Conservation Area

Migrating ducks visit the wetland area. Walkers can find easy walking in any season.

Located near the Town center, the on-site parking makes it easily accessible.

The Conservation Areas require seasonal maintenance. The Commission invites New Boston residents and others to join us in this work. Please contact the Conservation Commission if you are interested.


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Hopper Design, LLC

3 bdrm., 2.5 baths Hopper Cape

Cape shown with solar, which can be added later; 3br/2.5 baths

If you are thinking about building a sustainable, energy-efficient home, you may want to put Thomas Hopper on your list of potential architects. He has many years of experience as a green architect/designer and has solar device patents in his name. He is in New Hampshire. His website is One of the first things you’ll notice there is that he has home designs/plans for sale for just $29.95 each! There are a range of sizes from quite small and modest cottages to the more substantial. He can also  modify any of his designs to suit your desires or will design a custom home for you. There is also some very useful information on his website about solar techniques/technology and some valuable links. Thomas Hopper is definitely someone you should consider speaking with if you think you might like to build a highly energy-efficient home. His education and background are impressive. (Download the Curriculum Vitae/Resume at his website and take a look.)

Cape, View 2

Same Cape as above, alternate view/time of year

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Super Energy-Efficient Home in Vermont


Waitsfield, VT

By Rob Wotzak

CS-Rossetto house exterior

The home was built into a hillside to provide easy access to both floors. Earth sheltering also tempers heat loss in the cold climate.

General Specs and Team

Location: Waitsfield, VT Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Living Space : 2000 sqf Cost (USD/sq. ft.): $90/sqf Builder: Al Rossetto, A. Rosetto Construction Architect/designer: Al Rossetto


Foundation: shallow frost-protected footing, gravel in perforated PVC forms/drains, 2 in. XPS (R-10) buried and extending horizontally distance of frost depth; 6-in. ICF walls (Amvic, R-22)
Walls: 6.5-in. SIPs (Insulspan, R-22)
Roof:12.25-in. SIPs (Insulspan, R-50)
Windows: triple-pane, low-e, argon-filled; SHGC, .24, U-factor, .2 (Kohltech, R-5)
Garage: none

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Serious Materials Windows

Not all green makes sense but super-insulating windows do!

Serious Windows vs Other Major Brands
SeriousWindows Energy Savings vs Other Major Brands

Wendy Koch of USA Today has detailed the lessons she learned in her journey to green her home in Washington D.C. suburb of McLean, Virginia. Wonderful lessons for everyone – no matter where you live. Wendy’s #7 lesson is one to highlight: Not all green makes sense. Economic sense, that is. What pays back the most? What will save the most money? Wendy weighed energy efficiency options with alternative energy creation options. She ruled out windmills altogether, and compared geothermal heat pumps, high efficiency gas furnaces, and then turned to look at…..the window. Her findings:

Perhaps surprisingly, we’ll save almost as much energy as we would have with geothermal by switching from double-pane Jeld-Wen windows to super-efficient SeriousWindows, which have an insulating film.

So our green home, modeled to earn top ratings, won’t have any chic green features such as solar panels, windmills or geothermal heat pumps.

The lesson learned is super-insulating windows pay back. In many cases, certainly Wendy’s, more than anything else you can do. The insulating film of SeriousWindows is one of several features of our high R-value framing systems that deliver higher insulation across the whole, full frame, so your heating and cooling doesn’t literally fly out the window. Unlike triple pane windows that can deliver higher R-value than your standard single pane (R-1) or dual pane (R-2) windows – but with a ton of drawbacks – we make dual chamber, triple chamber, and quad chamber windows that outperform old technology like dual and triple pane. So you save money, and we all save energy.


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Green Building Advisor Website

If you’re new to the concept of green building and want to build a sustainable and energy-efficient home, check out this PAGE.

The Sun's Path

Sun's Path

The sun moves, but houses stay put. The sun is a lot higher in the sky in summer than in winter. You can use overhangs and trees to block the sun’s heat in summer. In the winter, when you want the benefit of the sun’s warmth, the sun’s rays shine below the overhangs and the leaves are gone from the trees.

Siting can keep a house warm and cool

How a house is oriented to the sun has a dramatic impact on heating and cooling costs — the largest energy load in most homes.

As promising as photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot-water collectors are for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, passive solar design alone can lower heating costs tremendously. Much of the reduction is available without spending an extra dime. (more…)

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NAHB’s National Green Building Program

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has recently put their stamp of approval on the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard of 2009. Watch the video below to learn more.

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