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If you’re new to the concept of green building and want to build a sustainable and energy-efficient home, check out this PAGE.

The Sun's Path

Sun's Path

The sun moves, but houses stay put. The sun is a lot higher in the sky in summer than in winter. You can use overhangs and trees to block the sun’s heat in summer. In the winter, when you want the benefit of the sun’s warmth, the sun’s rays shine below the overhangs and the leaves are gone from the trees.

Siting can keep a house warm and cool

How a house is oriented to the sun has a dramatic impact on heating and cooling costs — the largest energy load in most homes.

As promising as photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot-water collectors are for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, passive solar design alone can lower heating costs tremendously. Much of the reduction is available without spending an extra dime. (more…)


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NAHB’s National Green Building Program Serious Materials Windows

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