We have worked very hard to maintain the beauty and natural charm of Clark Hill Woods. Our goal is to supply you with information about how to cost-effectively implement energy efficiency measures in building a new home, to inform you about land conservation measures that will result in tax breaks, Federal and State tax incentives for any energy-efficient measures you take when having your home built or building it yourself, Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) and other NH bank green loan programs. For example, you might want to contact Peter F. Thompson, a Mortgage Loan Consultant AND Certified Green Professional at Laconia Savings Bank in their Bedford, NH office.(thompsonp@laconiasavings.com, 603.527.7201) for information about Laconia’s “ECO Mortgages”/construction loans. Peter holds the only National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Certified Green Professional status among bankers in New Hampshire. He can assist you in getting your green home evaluated accurately (sustainable homes typically have and hold their higher values as compared with homes simply “built to code”). However, some appraisers are not as knowledgeable as others about how to appraise a sustainable home value accurately.

We will also provide information about the Town of New Boston and a few of its notable past and present residents, as well as helpful links to other blogs and websites where you can access additional articles and data.

We have supplied a map showing where New Boston, NH is located in relation to Manchester, NH and Boston, MA and an enlargeable Lot Plan that delineates each of the 12 lots. You will also find videos: an introduction to residential green building, two videos from Blu Homes of Waltham, MA, a company that builds highly energy-efficient modular homes for modest cost, and another from Bensonwood Homes in Walpole, NH that is a very high-quality modular design/build firm that employs AIA architects, engineers, and project managers, who oversee a project from start to finish, in any style, for a range of prices, sizes, and features, and with the buyer intimately involved in the entire process. Other green builders include Epoch Homes in Pembroke, NH and Zetland Homes in Hopkinton, NH.

Although Bensonwood has its own architects, they would also be happy to use yours if you wish, and most builders are quite willing to do the same. One example of an architectural firm that designs striking high-quality  green homes is pill-maharam architects in Shelburne, VT. They have designed homes as far away as Lexington, MA, Wayland, MA, etc. David Pill created the zero net energy home in a New England farmhouse style that is shown on their website. Don’t miss the reader comments. You’ll see cost per square foot and more!

Ruth Trussell, Trustee
Jake Trussell, Trustee
Clark Hill Trust

To contact us…

JTrussell@WorldBusinessChicago.com (Jake Trussell)
art.n.nature@gmail.com (Ruth Trussell)

Mobile Phone:
617.308.2090 (Jake Trussell
617.548.5474 (Ruth Trussell)

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  • 1. artnnature  |  November 5, 2009 at 1:47 pm


    There are no lots under 2 acres as that is a New Boston zoning requirement. I am in the process of establishing pricing for the lots. We just got subdivision approval last week and I wasn’t able to market the land officially until after that. The 2+ to 3+ acre lots are at the front of the property along Clark Hill Road. Can you give me an idea of the range you’re looking at for lot pricing? Keep in mind that quite a lot of work has already been done. There are approved Driveway Permits, a storm water management plan as required by the town and lot corner markers are due to be placed shortly, etc. I hope to have some pricing information soon and will add it to the website. Sorry I wasn’t in touch yesterday but I was out all day. If you have an interest in seeing the land and getting an idea of what the smaller lots look like. I’m sure I could arrange that. I’d love to hear more about just what kind of a home you are interested in building.
    Ruth Trussell, Trustee
    Clark Hill Trust

  • 2. Joe  |  November 3, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    i want to build a green cabin i was looking for a piece of land. This concept is awesome and i d like to know around and about what price you were thinking about selling a 1 to2 ac lot?


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