Green Beginnings Video

This first video explains how a team approach is best when building an energy-efficient home (or any home for that matter). It is an excellent introduction to some of the technologies, planning, and techniques that might be used in designing and constructing an energy-efficient house and its landscaping. (New home design and building costs can be kept significantly lower by implementing energy-efficiency and sustainability measures right from the beginning of the process and by hiring a team that has significant experience in these areas.)

Blu Homes, Waltham, MA, energy-efficient home design/build firm

Bill Haney, Co-Founder and President of Blu Homes in Waltham, MA, talks about the modular, sustainable, energy-efficient, and modestly-priced healthy homes that his company has developed and builds at their facility in Littleton, MA and ships in modular sections to their final destinations. Blu Homes has recently formed a partnership with Michelle Kaufmann, well-known architect, to offer some of her home designs in addition to their own. Mr. Haney’s passion and philosophy surrounding alternative energy, the environment, and our planet’s future, come through loud and clear in this short video. Bill Haney has worked in conjunction with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and M.I.T., holds a B.A. from Harvard College (1984), and was a Kennedy School Fellow (1997-2001).

Blu Homes designs and builds a home in Breckenridge, Colorado

In this video homeowners describe their positive experience of working with the Blu Home team. You will see an example of Blu Homes’ architectural design expertise and quality building processes and the materials that go into their homes as well as what makes them more energy efficient than conventionally built homes.

Bensonwood, Walpole, NH (also see “Unity,” “Brightbuilt Barn,” & “This Old House” designs on their Website)

Bensonwood’s completely digital design, engineering, and manufacturing process is described in this video. The wooden beams and other components that go into a Bensonwood home are cut by computer-driven equipment that is the same software that the architect used for the home’s design and the engineer used for his or her part in the process. This unique approach results in an extremely high level of precision and fit for all components and tighter, more energy-efficient homes. Bensonwood developed the OpenBuild® method which incorporates wiring conduits, electrical boxes, plumbing pipes, insulation, and more, into the large modular sections of their homes. This all takes place in their Walpole, NH facility, out of the weather and under controlled conditions and is more efficient than building from scratch on site and therefore very cost-competitive. Once these sections are complete, they are shrink-wrapped and shipped by truck to their final destination, including locations all over the U.S., where they are assembled quickly and efficiently. In this video, you will hear from very satisfied homeowners who have worked closely with Bensonwood to realize their home ownership and home design dreams. Bensonwood has a 35-year commitment to building quality, energy-efficient homes in a wide range of styles and sizes and of working very closely with their clients from the start of a project all the way through to completion of the home, including the finish details. Tedd Benson founded Bensonwood in 1975.


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  • 1. Buddy Pope  |  January 23, 2010 at 10:57 am

    I soooo like this video, everyone should watch this!


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