Andrew Keys, Landscape Designer

I would like to introduce a landscape designer to potential buyers of Clark Hill Woods lots. His name is Andrew Keys and he has the credentials, the passion, and the experience to be your consultant, landscape designer, and perhaps even provide advice on organic vegetable gardening if you have an interest in learning more about that. He feels very strongly about utilizing plants, shrubs, etc. that are either native to the area or are so easily acclimated that they need little or no tending, fertilization, etc. Some are drought tolerant, others may be most at home in (more…)


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What is Sustainable Design?

It is helpful to understand what terms like “Sustainable Design,” Energy-Efficiency,” and “Green” mean. It is also key to understand what “green washing” is. There are a lot of misunderstandings about these terms and there seem to be a range of definitions thrown around, depending on who you are speaking with. (more…)

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Clark Hill Woods On The Market

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What Makes Clark Hill Woods Unique?

We have gone to considerable lengths to preserve the character of the area and have done selective forestry management to enhance the health and beauty of all of the wooded areas that make up the majority each lot.

  • Located animal trails on the property; designed lots so as to allow these to remain with little or no disturbance
  • Selectively removed some trees to improve overall health of forested areas, allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor, make walking, hiking, or cross-country skiing easier, and provide the ability to orient each home so it can benefit from passive solar warmth with no increase in building costs (more…)

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Conserving Land and Wildlife

Several ways to conserve land and its wildlife are to put it in Current Use (this land is already in CU), to put a Conservation Easement on all or part of your property, and/or to have Covenants on the property (some Covenants are already in place) (more…)

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Build Your Energy-Efficient Dream Home in New Hampshire

Clark Hill Woods Sign

We have beautiful GREEN estate lots available in New Boston, New Hampshire, a New England village that retains its small-town character. These wooded parcels vary in size from 2+ to 12+ acres. Manchester, New Hampshire and its airport (Manchester-Boston Regional) are a short drive away, and Boston is just over an hour’s drive.

If you are interested in Clark Hill Woods as a place to build your dream home and/or if you’d like to learn what some of the options and technologies are when building a sustainable (green) home, please take a tour of our website. Also check out Build Green NH®.

We would be delighted if you’d take our survey after looking around the site, reading some of our posts and checking out some of our links. The survey should only take a few minutes and you can do so anonymously if you wish. Thanks!

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Home Buying Tax Credits – 2010

Home buying tax creditsThe chart at left illustrates tax credits that are available to home buyers and the criteria for eligibility. These credits are part of the Federal Stimulus Package. (Source: FixR)
Click on the chart to see it at full size.

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